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Gabon. An African colour revolution?

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Welcome to the fourth edition of our programme: LE GRAND JEU (THE GREAT GAME). AT THE HEART OF GLOBAL GEOPOLITICS produced with Luc MICHEL, international correspondent of AFRICA MEDIA and the boss of EODE-TV, who brings his expertise to the show. And reveals the inside information of global geopolitics and ideologies that move people. With his transnational vision open on continental dimensions, Luc MICHEL gives us the key of rival geopolitics seen from Moscow, Washington, Brussels or also from Beijing …

For this fourth programme, our expert on geopolitics Luc MICHEL, decrypts the destabilization of Gabon and the crisis opened by the new book of the French Pierre PEAN " Nouvelles affaires africaines. Mensonges et pillages au Gabon (New African affairs. Lies and looting in Gabon)".


"Many Pan-Africanists have a vision of the past, a software stuck 10, 20 or 50 years ago. Justified hatred of Françafrique occults them the reality of THE RECOLONISATION OF AFRICA BY THE USA. The return of France into NATO organized by Sarkozy in 2007, the creation of AFRICOM, the unified command of the US Army for Africa by Bush in 2007-2008 are the birth marks of new geopolitics in Africa. At the "summit USA-African Leaders" in Washington early August 2014, Obama announced a wave of regime changes on the continent. Gabon is the first attempt to impose this regime changes by the usual methods of the USA: colour revolution or so-called "Arab Spring". And the book of Péan is the detonator, voluntary or involuntary it is still too early to say, of a political destabilization operation "…
Here's what Luc MICHEL tells us.


* A FIRST ANALYSIS OF LUC MICHEL, where he explains his thesis on the destabilization of Gabon and decrypts the components of the current regime crisis …
He answers the following questions:
Why the case of Gabon is an explosive issue?
What are the elements involved in the destabilization of Gabon?
Why you validate the thesis of this video of 14 November on Gabon?
Who would be the beneficiaries of this operation?

* A SECOND ANALYSIS OF LUC MICHEL, where he decrypts the video appeared on November 14 on social networks. Of anonymous origin, entitled "the pyromaniac fireman", it denounces the organization of a "colour revolution" in Gabon, in aid of Jean Ping. Luc MICHEL, who has a long expertise of these "revolutions" organized by the US in Eastern Europe and the Arab World, validates the demonstration and the reasons why he shares its views and validates it …
He answers the following questions:
There is a geopolitical background to the Gabonese crisis. Your thesis is that this background has changed since 2007-2008?
So there is a geopolitical vision or a US, Anglo-Saxon geopolitical plan, you say, for Africa?
Let us return directly to Gabon. You say that "the shadow of the French puppet is hiding the reality of the American puppeteer"?
Tell us more about these OTPOR / CANVAS Networks? They are found behind the "colour revolutions" in Eastern Europe but also behind the so-called "Arab Spring"?
And you find the brand of these US networks today in Gabon?
You also put into question another American organization, the NED, which you call "financier of colour revolutions"?


* Extract from the interview of Pierre Péan with 64' Grand Angle on TV5 "The man by whom the scandal came to Gabon" (the end where Péan speaks of the Arab revolutions imported in Africa)

* The video on Gabon appeared on November 14 on social networks. Of  anonymous origin, entitled "the pyromaniac fireman", it denounces the organization of a "colour revolution" in Gabon, in aid of Jean Ping. Luc MICHEL, who has a long expertise of these "revolutions" organized by the US in Eastern Europe and the Arab World, validates the demonstration …

* An excerpt from the YALI meeting, the so-called "young African leaders initiative" with Obama in Washington on August 3. Here the formatting of African youth, Americanized to serve as fifth column to the recolonisation of Africa by the USA (see the beginning and the collective hysteria for Obama arriving).

* For those who doubt our analyses, we publish a first document, confidential images from the "Alternative Summit" of the NED, denounced by Luc MICHEL. Entitled "Africa Civil Society Conference", in Washington on August 5 and 6, 2014, "on the fringe of the US – Africa Summit", the Conference intended to organize "an agenda for democracy", hear pro-Western regimes under influence of the USA, and was focused on the action in the media.
You will see hundreds and hundreds of African activists and journalists taken over, including and especially financially by the NED to destabilize Africa.
As a reminder, the NED has been rightly called the "CIA legal front." For 30 years, the National Endowment for Democracy subcontracts the legal part of the illegal operations of the CIA. Without arousing suspicion, it set up the world's biggest network of corruption, buying unionists, politicians, activists and journalists.
Here in action the making of mercenaries of pro-American regime changes in Africa!

* In conclusion to this programme of LE GRAND JEU (THE GREAT GAME), we publish a second document: the advertising clip of the "Africa Summit" of the NED (clip of the NED "Africa Civil Society Conference Recap")!
You will see the 5th US column in Africa, confident, determined. Note the emphasis on an activist of EQUATORIAL GUINEA, emphasized. Because President Obiang Gnema Mbassogo and the new centre of Pan-Africanism are a major target of Washington. It explains who are the NED partners, in particular the Networks OPEN SOCIETY of George Söros (pronounced Seurosh), one of the major organizers and financiers of the "colour revolutions".
Best of all, the conference was sponsored by FREEDOM HOUSE, another US organization specializing in the financing of regime changes and … FACEBOOK! At the end of the clip, such as selling a brand, the NED announces shamelessly its sponsors …

See you on AFRICA MEDIA and EODE-TV, the Eurasia-Africa Axis of Media for a new show of LE GRAND JEU (THE GREAT GAME), which will take you back AT THE HEART OF GLOBAL GEOPOLITICS …

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