EODE – Eurasian Observatory For Democracy & Elections
Евразийская Обсерватория за Демократию и Выборы
– Brussels – Moscow – Paris – Istanbul – Sotchi – Kishinev – Yaounde
– Expert analysis in Geopolitics and International Relations
– International team of Audit and Election Monitoring
– Organization of International Seminars and Round Table
# The NGO EODE (acronym for "European Observatory for Democracy & Elections"), the European Monitoring Centre for Democracy and Elections, is organized into four autonomous departments:
– The first department is the EODE MONITORING INTERNATIONAL GROUP .
It is, let us say, the executive arm of the NGO, the one which provides its missions. It is composed of specialists from all over Europe – including Russia and Turkey – but also from Africa.
– The second department is EODE-THINK TANK.
It is both a Institute for Analysis and Research. But also a production cell, as its name suggests, of ideas and concepts of reflection.
EODE focuses on geopolitics. But unlike many others, it neglects neither economy nor ideology. Those who advanced the "end of History" or " the death of ideologies" were wrong! Because we can not understand a political system or a geopolitical reality without discerning behind its ideological basis.
– The third department is EODE-EDUCATION.
It is both a School of executives and a training Institute. It aims to provide both internal and external training missions – seminars, symposia, conferences – but also simply standard courses.
The Department acts in synergy with among others:
Such as the Center for European Polical and Social Studies, the CEPSE (founded in 1963);
In Belgium, EODE EDUCATION has its education activities in those of the PAN-EUROPEAN PEOPLE'S UNIVERSITY (UPP) in Brussels.
– The fourth department is EODE-TV.
This is a Department of Multimedia Communications, which aims not only to cover in video the activities of the NGO and its partners, but also to undertake the websites activities (Internet) and a very active presence on the social networks.
EODE-TV will produce among others documentaries and programs under the labels "EODE-GEOPOLITICS" and "EODE-THINK TANK".
# Geographically EODE is divided into five areas:
Each area is headed by an administrator.
– European Union (Paris, France – Administrator Jean-Pierre VANDERSMISSEN),
– Balkans-Black Sea (Kishinev, Moldova – Administrator Tania ANTOSEL)
– Russian Caucasus (Moscow, Sochi, Russia – Administrator Fabrice BEAUR)
– Turkey (Istanbul – Administrator Inanç KUTLU)
– Africa (Yaoundé, Cameroon – Administrator Gilbert NKAMTO).
# The international department of the NGO, established in Brussels, is chaired by a BOARD OF DIRECTORS, whose members include the administrators of the geographical areas and the persons in charge for its departments.
The work of the NGO and its missions are monitored by a SCIENTIFIC COUNCIL, which brings together specialists in the field of International Relations, Communication, Geopolitics, Geostrategy, Law …
At the head of EODE is its Administrator-General and founder Luc MICHEL.
In legal terms, EODE is a legal entity under French law, whose legal status is recognized internationally.
# The NGO was founded in 2006 and provided many missions:
– In Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.
– In the Caucasus – where we specialize in the wars of the former Soviet republics and in the new Republics and new states of "CIS II" (PMR-Transdniester, Republic of Abkhazia, Republic of South Ossetia, High-Karabakh).
– And in the Balkans and the Black Sea region.
– The NGO is also active in North Africa and in particular led many missions in Libya.
EODE goes far beyond simply ELECTION MONITORING because our NGO also conducts AUDIT missions of the state and political systems.
In 2007, EODE has conducted an audit on the political and institutional system of the Moldavian Republic of Transdniestria (PMR). The report then issued by Luc MICHEL, at the end of the visit of a mission of the NGO composed of jurists and lawyers from the European Union and the CIS, has been widely noticed. It has been the subject of numerous attacks by specialized institutions of NATO, in Hungary and Romania in particular, which did not seem to appreciate the non-aligned and neutral tone adopted in this report and its favorable reception in the CIS.
# The NGO EODE is indeed, and that is its main feature, a non-aligned international organization. That is to say, it will not be at the heart of the confrontation between NATO and Russia in Europe.
EODE conception is that the European Union on the one hand and the CIS – which Russia is the heart – on the other hand, are the two halves of the Greater-Europe, from Vladivostok to Reykjavik. These have a common destiny and are called one day soon to form a common state entity. This is what the EODE logo itself symbolizes, the union of the two Europe.
# EODE is also a committed NGO, that is to say, it directs its action towards two fundamental axes:
– First it is committed to the unity of Eurasia.
– Then it is also committed to achieving a multipolar world.
The conception of Eurasia of EODE is quite divergent from the reduced Eurasian conception prevailing in particular in some circles in Russia and Germany. Unlike the "Eurasian" visions developed in these two countries mainly after 1991, the vision of EODE was born in early 1980, with the Euro-Soviet School of Geopolitics. And was the matrix of modern Eurasism in all its present variants. The conception of the EODE Eurasia has as foundation geopolitics, as a factor of construction and viability of states. Our conception has, in fact, the Mediterranean as heart and as geopolitical centerpiece of it Istanbul, the former Constantinople, the second Rome.
From there comes the strong interest of EODE not only for North Africa, but also for sub-Saharan Africa.
# Being a committed NGO means for EODE that it is not only to provide observation or evaluation missions with all the scientific guarantees, but it is also necessary to take action for a multipolar world. And it is necessary to undertake such actions in response to the activism of Western and American NGOs that seek only to ensure and maintain the domination of the United States and NATO in Eurasia, the Mediterranean and Africa.
EODE therefore has no a priori against the states that follow an independent policy. The demonization and stigmatization in the style "Axis of Evil" or "rogue states" is the opposite of a scientific approach.
Marx had already said a long time ago that "the philosophers were not merely to interpret the world but they must also change it." This is the conception of EODE. From analysis to praxis, from study to commitment!
Head Office : 39 Maagdenstraat – 1000 Brussel (Belgium)
Fax + 3222187359
Site web https://www.eode.org
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