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Moscow will host an international conference titled “100 Years of the Russian Revolution: Unity for the Future” …


Press release on the upcoming international conference “100 Years of the Russian Revolution: Unity for the Future”


On October 31 and November 1, Moscow will host an international conference titled “100 Years of the Russian Revolution: Unity for the Future”. The conference is being sponsored by the Government Commission on Compatriots Living Abroad and the World Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots Living Abroad (WCC). Invitations have been sent to 155 leaders and active members of public organisations of compatriots in 92 countries.


The development of a large Russian diaspora is closely associated with the tragic events in Russia as well as with global cataclysms. Forced into emigration by the dramatic developments at home, such as the revolution and the civil war, our compatriots of various ethnicities and religions successfully assimilated in the societies of host countries and made unique contributions to the development of these countries’ culture, art, literature, music, science and technology, as well as the economy.


As a result of the dramatic events of the late 20th century, in particular the collapse of the Soviet Union and the establishment of new states in its place, millions of people found themselves living in a foreign country and had to work hard to preserve their identity while adapting to new conditions. The new Russian authorities declared that one of the country’s priorities was to help our compatriots maintain their ties to the homeland and preserve the Russian language, culture, customs and traditions, as well as values and historical memory.


The conference participants will discuss many vital issues, such as a historical perspective of the Russian community outside Russia, the preservation of Russian identity as a precondition for the survival of the Russian diaspora, compatriots living abroad and the modern world, as well as the importance of consolidating and strengthening the Russian diaspora.


The agenda of the two-day conference includes plenary sessions, panel discussions on the revolution and the Russian world and compatriots in the modern world, as well as round table discussions on the Russian revolution and the Russian diaspora abroad, the young compatriots’ contribution to the preservation of the Russian language, culture and historical heritage abroad, and the compatriots’ media in the modern high-tech world.


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